I can’t stop loving you – Potato!

Potato – The most loved veggie all over the world.
‘Potato’ made foods are loved by most people irrespective of age.
A kid may say NO to vegetables but always says YES, when provided potato. Let it be ‘curry’, ‘gravy’, ‘fry’, or ‘chips’!

As a kid, the potato was my only vegetable love. My tongue never wanted to taste any other vegetable after tasting the heavenly foods made with potato.
In school days, more than half of the class had the same lunch as ‘curd rice with potato fry’. Hence proved, potato fries and curd rice makes the best pair. 😛
The first thing we would buy in school outing is always lay’s chips. We have complained the air inside those airtight pockets, but never the potato chips.
During college days the love for junk food started, then came the main hero, ‘French fries’. Happy to see its modified versions, changing its shape and name as – Wedges, Smileys, etc.
The love for potato is directly proportional to my whispering thoughts, “don’t eat potato, you will definitely become fatter”! 😦
The more my minds instructs me not to eat, the more I fall in love to eat them.
My latest potato addiction is “fat/tornado potato”.
If you’re a fitness freak, just eat boiled potato and no other recipes made with potato.

Eating potatoes can’t be stopped if you’re with your friends or family:-

  • Fast food is incomplete without ‘French fries‘.
  • A buffet is incomplete without ‘potato starters‘.
  • Beer party is incomplete without ‘potato chips‘.
  • Barbecue is incomplete without ‘grilled potato‘.
  • Thali meals are incomplete without ‘potato curry‘.
  • South Indian cuisine‘ is incomplete without ‘potato fry‘.
  • A wedding reception is incomplete without ‘potato fry, chips‘.

Apart from family or friends gathering, we eat potato at least one time a day.  When everyone is alone, we all wanted to have something in between our regular food times. Such as potato chips, potato stuffed snacks, fries, etc. This habit started when we used to finish half of the lunch food even before the break!

Main day-to-day usages of potato:-

  • Used in making ‘fries’.
  • Used as stuff in snacks
  • Used to make ‘chips/crisp’.
  • Used as curry/fry in meals.
  • Used to make ‘masala dosa’.
  • Used as gravy for roti items.
  • Used as a side dish for poori.

A “potato dish” a day, makes us gain fat the next day.
It’s hard for me to resist the dishes made with potato.
My parents should be proud that I’m addicted only to ‘Potatoes’!


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