Did ‘Katappa’ really stabbed “Amarendra Baahubali”?

The long wait has now come to the end. Let us have a recap of what clues and hints they gave us about the most awaited and unanswered question for nearly two years.
“Why Katappa Killed Baahubali”? #WKKB.

We all have surely watched “Baahubali: The Beginning”. They portrayed the character of Katappa as Magilmathi’s Commander, whose job is to do things ordered by the King and their family member’s. He even told to Aslam Khan (Sudeep) that his previous generation has promised to be slaves of this Kingdom forever. They showed his character as a good heart human being who longs and his only wish for 25 years is to free Devasena being poisoned her by the King of Present Magilmathi, Bhallala Deva/Pallvalathevan.

Now the question should be asked “What made Katappa kill Baahubali”, or “Who ordered Katappa to kill Baahubali”?

Has Bhallala Deva ordered Katappa to kill Amarendra Baahubali to attain the throne? The chances are nil, that Bhallala Deva asks help to Katappa. Because he always hated him. In the first part when a traitor tries to commit suicide falling from a clip, Bhallala Deva would have never hold of the rope in which Amarendra Baahubali dived to catch that traitor. After seeing Katappa coming with the soldiers, Bhallala Deva murmurs in anger and because of Katappa his plan was spoiled. And in the Wild Bison tame scene, Bhallala Deva says to Katappa that, “Your inner thoughts wanted to kill me, but why are risking your own life to save my life”. This one scene is enough to prove how loyal is Katappa to the kingdom. If not Bhallala Deva, then who might have ordered him to kill Baahubali?

In the very starting of the first part, we have seen Sivagami Devi running with a bow in her back, blood all over her hands, legs and face but still carrying Mahendra Baahubali. Before she dies, she shouts loud to the God, “For all the sins I have made in my life, take my own life. But save this child. He should live to save his mother’s prison life. He should grow up and reach Magilmathi, and should become the King of Magilmathi Kingdom”. And in Baahubali 2 trailer she asks, “War within the Kingdom”? This may mean Bhallala Deva wanted to rule Magilmathi, but he needs to kill Amarendra Baahubali to become the King. So this must be the only inner battle which can happen in the kingdom. Sivagami Devi has always considered Baahubali as her own son. But, her feelings will always be heavier for her own Blood son. She knows Bhallala Deva can’t fight and win Amarendra Baahubali. So, she might have ordered Katappa to kill Amarendra Baahubali to save her own son from death. But, she faced her death because of her own son. Even while dying she was in anger that the Kingdom should be safeguarded soon by Mahendra Baahubali. I guess Sivagami Devi is touching the feet of Devasena and asking sorry for killing his husband in the trailor. Those hands with blood and golden bangles we have seen in the first part beginning.

Will Amarendra Baahubali will appear in this part?
There are more chances that he may come alive. In the trailer after Katappa stabbed him from behind, in another clip he was sitting with the support of the sword and Katappa kneeling down. And it looked like Katappa was explaining him the reason behind this inhuman cruel act. In the first part two scenes are made with a question will Amarendra Baahubali come alive?
1) When Bhallala Deva was talking to Devasena, he will say to her. We two are the only people who still think of Amarendra Baahubali. You wanted to see him at least one time before your death, and I wanted to kill him one more time with more vengeance.
2) When the golden state of Bhallala Deva has risen, people started to chant the name “Baahubali”. After this scene, Bijjaladeva will ask Bhallala Deva. What made our people chant his name? Has he came alive or they did because they are missing him? But, he answers to himself. No, it’s not possible he be alive anymore.
In additional, Devasena will tell to Katappa, “I believe I will see him and he is still alive” in another scene.
In the trailor, Amarendra Baahubali will tell to Katappa. When you are nearer me, no man has ever born to kill me. It means Amarendra Baahubali can’t be killed by anyone except Katappa and Katappa can’t kill Amarendra Baahubali because he is the one who treated Katappa as a human being and the Commander of Magilmathi and never saw him as the kingdom’s slave.

Trailer’s link with Baahubali The Beginning.

  • The white ‘Lingam’ came in first part when teenager Princess’ were performing pooja with Sivagami Devi, Amarendra Baahubali catches a scorpion which was moving towards Sivagami’s leg.
  • The mighty Amarendra Baahubali’s elephant is seen when the people started to chant “Baahubali” in the gold statue ceremony scene. This elephant makes a huge trumpet noise.
  • Amarendra Baahubali’s swrod is used by Mahendra Baahubali to kill the son of Bhallala Deva (Prince-Bhadra). Before this scene, Mahendra Baahubali broke the sword of Katappa. So katappa’s horse moves towards him so that he can use this sword for the fight. But, Mahendra Baahubali makes a front somersault and got hold of his father’s mighty sword where else Katappa got the sheath only.

In part 2 trailer itself, we have seen many different types of weapons used like bow and arrow, axe, 3 combo bow and arrow, sword. Since this is an 18+ movie, it is sure there will be more battling and fighting scene. Can’t wait to see the full movie!

Disclaimer: – This is a purely fictional story, linking the Baahubali part 1 and trailer of part 2.


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