Life of a ‘searching ENGINEER’!

I don’t exactly know, whether it’s God’s grace or his curse to take up engineering in my life.

Most of the engineering students would have spent more time on searching things than studying engineering.

Hostel Searches:

“Ti-ti! Tic-tic! Tic-tic-tic! Tic-tic!” where I kept the alarm last night? Ah found it. Snooze it. Slept again! Suddenly got up and searching mobile to check the time. Oh crap, it’s 8.05 and class starts by 8.30! Where is my mobile charger? It’s almost drained.
Took the toothbrush and found paste is missing. Quick, find a paste. Looking out for a bathroom is the most difficult thing because the whole hostel will be there from 8.00 to 8.25. Wore all dress. Where is my ID card? No, not again, I remember that I kept it here in this place on my shelf. Where is the pair of my socks? Will anybody notice if I wear two different coloured socks? I can say it’s the new fashion trending. Now the comb is playing hide and seek with me, please show you my dear comb. If I don’t get your help now, people will think I have come to college without bathing, and all the struggle I have made in this 20 minutes would end up in vein. It’s time to find out the shortest route to reach the mess to have minimal breakfast. But the mess is closed already.

College Campus Searches:

It will be great if I get a company to go to class late. The staff has not yet come and I have entered class. Looking around for a place to sleep well or talk well without getting caught. I forgot where I placed my 6S (six subjects) notebook yesterday? Will it still remain in the place or someone has taken it? Yeah found it. Thank god, it’s safe. Oh no, I forgot to bring a pen. Wait there is a pen under the desk. Thank God again. Opened it and saw no cartridge. I hate you, God. You know no boys will bring a single pen properly to college and you need to find one who carries a stationary shop with her and of course makeup kit also!

Examination Searches:

Sleepless night to make all important questions into bits. After getting ready you will find the main bit is missing and you can’t use these bits without the main bit. Found the main bit and goes to the examination notice board. Widely opens your eyes to find your examination hall. When you walk towards your hall. Your mind asks you. Will I get a cornered seat so that I can easily write my exam with my last night’s hard word? Will I get caught today? You will hope for a good place and look into the seating arrangement notice paper. When you enter your hall, the invigilator asks, show me your hall ticket! You need to run as fast as Bolt to get back your hall within 10.30.

Project searches:

Find good partners. One should be skilled technically another one should do all computer related works from typing to printing including having a soft copy in Google drive and pen drive. Even though the team consists of brainy people, the required acquired output is very hard to obtain because we are not trained practically to do things, but was taught all unwanted theories which we will never ever use once in our lifetime. So we need to find a project centre but with less payment.

Placement Searches:

The most important part of an engineer’s life is getting placed in an IT company. Because Core Company needs experienced people or students who have done the innovative project with CGPA more than 9. Some get placed in the core and some get dual triple placement. Some more gets placed in IT. Many still ‘search for a job’.

I hope engineering should be named as “search-engineering”! Because we keep on searching things all four years and still search for a job even after searching a lot of things in our engineering life!
Some people after getting a job, search for peace of mind, stress-free work mainly who entered IT companies and many who undergo night shifts.

Let “peace” prevail to all engineering people with loads of happiness, which many lost in the name of joining an engineering college.


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