Unknown facts about Baahubali!

On this same day, 10th of July 2015 Baahubali The Beginning was released. Here are some of the coincidence moments that took place in both the parts.

1) Both the film starts with Rajamatha Sivagami Devi’s voice because she is the only stronger person in this King’s family after the death of the King Dharmendra Baahubali and his wife.

2) In the first part, when Sivagami Devi holds Mahendra Baahubali, at the back we could see the sun was rising up and she named the baby as Amarendra Baahubali. In the second part, when she names the boy baby of Amarendra as Mahendra Baahubali, we could see the burning fire of the Kingdom in the back.
This symbolically means he is the next hope and leader of Magilmathi.

3) In first part when Amarendra Baahubali is born, her mother died giving birth to him and Sivagami Devi names the child as “Baahubali”.
In second part when Devasena gave birth to a boy child, her husband Amarendra Baahubali was killed and Sivagami Devi names as the child as “Mahendra Baahubali”.

4) Katappa was ordered to kill Amarendra by Sivagami Devi. But Katappa is the one who misunderstood the marriage invitation of Bhallala Deva for Baahubali. the second part would not have not the same plot we saw in the movie. Thus Katappa was not intentionally linked into Amarendra’s dead. But his wrong assumption made him kill Amarendra Baahubali.

5) When Avantika got an injury in her leg, Shivu says to her, “Avantika now you are mine. Hereafter everything that belongs to you also belongs to me.
The same dialogue Amarendra says to Devasena when he got a message from her mother to bring Devasena as a captive to Magilamadhi.

6) In the starting of the first part, Bhallala Deva’s father asks him, can we kill Sivagami Devi. But he interrupts him by saying you have drunk more than enough. But it was all acting in front of others. He too wanted to kill his mother for giving equal importance to Amarendra and had planned to make him the King of Magilmathi. Just like his father, he too is a mentally disordered person who bowed a bow at the back of his own mother. This act shows how cruel he is to kill his own mother and how coward he is hit a person from the back, and how afraid is he to kill a baby. Because he knows that if the baby is left alive, he may come alive one day and kill him and his father for killing Amamrendra Baahubali.
Just like his father, Prince badra too is a coward, who asked help to Katappa when Shivudu was beating him.

7) Bhallala Deva can never match the wisdom and power of Baahubali not even in a single aspect. He is more than a coward. Amarendra beat Kallakeya to death, but Bhallala Deva killed him from the back. Is attacking from the back sign of a good warrior?
He knows he is not capable of Baahubali that’s why he always get jealous of him and wanted to kill him. But he asked Katappa to kill Amarendra because it’s impossible for Bhallala Deva to go in a one onto one with Amarendra.
After Katappa stabbed Amarendra, Bhallala Deva made a proud walk came in the dark which symbolically means the rise of the dark.
He stabbed Amarendra in the chest with a hand axe after knowing that he is dead. This act defined him as the king of cowards.

8) Bhallala Deva has the same gene of his father Pingalathevar. Wanted to get the throne without having a kind heart and wanted only to obtain the throne.

9) Mahendra helped his mother by breaking a giant Lingam, lifted it single handed and played it under the waterfalls.
Amarendra helped his mother not get attacked by the ferocious elephant. So moved the Vinayagar Chariot to hit that elephant and thus her prayer did not get interrupted because of Amarendra’s intelligent plan.

10) Mahendra decapitated Prince Badra because he told bad about Devasena. His father killed the new Commander of Magilmadhi when he touched many women’s body and tried to touch his wife. So, Amarendra decapitated his head with his sword.

11) Amarendra runs over a sliding wooden support of a water dam to lock the
Like this Mahendra runs over a sliding wooden support to break the chain of the wooden door!

12) Amendra used fire to burn the Kalakeya army in the first part. He uses water to wash away Palangiyar army in the second part.

13) Mahendra Baahubali’s other name is Shivudu. When Amarenda was loving Devasena, he renamed his name as Shivu himself to hide the identity that he is Magilmathi’s Princess.

Interval Block:
1st part : – Bhallala Deva’s 100 feet golden statue is risen up. But people will be chanting Baahubali’s name.
2nd part :- Bhallala Deva was name as the King of Magilmathi. But people will be chanting “Baahubali”.

When Amarendra is about to die, he asks Katappa to take care of his mother. Even after knowing that his mother asked Katappa to kill him, he believed that there must be a strong reason in whatever the decision taken by mother Sivagami. He died without knowing that this all happened because of his brother Bhallala Deva. He didn’t even think of his wife and baby. He knows that his mother will take care of them well in his absence. Just like his thoughts, Sivagami Devi wanted to protect Devasena and her child. Since Devasena was suffering from the pain she can’t come with her. So now she wanted to save this new born child and starts to escape through hidden chamber pathway. But her own sun bows an arrow in her back.

The first part started with Shivudu searching for his dream girl Avantika. When Magailmathi warriors started to
Second part started with Shivu (Amarendra) acting as an innocent boy to make Devasena fall in love with her.

In the climax scene, Mahendra breaks Bhallala Deva’s vehicle, at that time he was jumping high in the air and Bhallala Deva was below him. This means Bhallala Deva is always lower to the powers of Mahendra.

At the end of the movie, Bhallala Deva golden statue head is drowned in water from Magilmathi, and falls down through the waterfall and breaks fully. This means even if he is a King who has all wealth he will be drowned into hell for committing crimes like killing his own mother, betrayed his younger brothers family by killing him, captured his wife as the prison, killing new born baby. While Devasena puts ignite the fire we could see that he has fully gone mentally ill like his father.
in the other hand, Amarendra Baahubali gave up his soul by sitting as a proud king. As he gave his words during the Oath of becoming a Commander of Magilmathi. I would give up my life for the welfare and goodness of my Magilmathi people. He died as a proud king and as a commander at the same time! He screamed Jai Magilmathi.

Disclaimer: – I myself linked the two epic movies and wrote some similarities.


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