Virat Kohli’s half-ton of centuries!

Virat Kohli is a human for millions, but he is a Superman for billions. Not the DC Superman, he is a self-made Super (Sport) Man. Because of his extraordinary performance on the ground, people now have a doubt, “Is he really an alien”?

I planned to wish Kohli for his 29th bday by making an article about him, but I postponed it to publish after winning the Paytm Cup (T20I) versus New Zealand. And again I delayed just to know about his #One8crew event.
On 9th November in his hometown New Delhi, he launched his new sports clothing brand “One8” worth Rs. 110 crore in collaboration with Puma, a German multinational company and became the first Indian sportsman to sign a deal worth Rs. 100 crore with a single brand.
Just like Usain Bolt, Puma sponsors and makes all the customised merchandise for Kohli.
The costliest deal in Indian cricket history is Kohli’s bat (Genius VK 18) deal with MRF.
Adidas signed Kohli as their brand ambassador in 2013 after sponsoring Sachin for 16 years. In 2016 they launched a new cricket campaign with Kohli in India targeting the ICC WT20 WC (host – India) called #FeelLoveUseHate. Later he was removed from the brand ambassador of the company in 2017 and thus Puma India grabbed Virat with a great deal.
Here I finally published my article in a manner to celebrate his half-ton century in International Cricket!

We all know that VK captained Indian Cricket Team won the U-19 Cricket World Cup’08 played in Malaysia and grabbed the second title for India.
He was the one who carried the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar on his shoulder and walked the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, after the victorious win of the ICC Cricket World Cup’11 after 28 years.
Virat said, “He has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. It is the time we carried him on our shoulders!
We obviously would remember Kohli kissing his bat and showing it towards his girlfriend Anushka Sharma after scoring a test ton on the Aussie soil against them, and Indian Cricket Team exit from the World Cup’15 when Virat scored one run against Australia in the second semi-final match. Next day when Kohli landed in Mumbai, he was seen with his girlfriend Anushka Sharma holding her hands. This was an act of a pure gentlemanship. He may be the aggression King, but this proved he too have a soft side for his close ones.
When media and many other social pages blamed his girlfriend for not performing well in matches, Kohli for the first time got aggressive on his social platform on 28th March’16 and slammed everyone by posting, “Shame on people for trolling Anushka Sharma non-stop. Have some compassion. She has always only given me positivity.” on his social profile
Usually, celebrities will think of the royal image and dignity before sharing their personal things in public. Even in this matter, Kohli stands as an exceptional one.

We all knew him as an aggressive sportsman/captain on the field, off the field he is a brilliant businessman and a philanthropist too!

On 30th March’13, he started a charitable foundation called “Virat Kohli Foundation” (VKC) that aim towards the development of underprivileged kids. On the same day, the first charity football match was conducted by Virat’s VKC to raise funds for Magic Bus Organisation.
May’14 – VKF was part of a charity auction conducted by eBay and Save the Children, India.
On March’16 he visited Abhalmaya old-age home in Pune during his IPL match and vowed to offer his complete support and take care of the foundation during the rest of the year.
May’16 – VKC partnered with Smile Foundation to host the biggest Charity Gala Dinner to support children and youth empowerment,
On August’17 Kohli donated a signed bat of his to the Shahid Afridi Foundation.

26 August’14 – Became the co-owner of ISL’s FC Goa.
20 November’14 – Revealed his own clothing brand “Wrogn” in collaboration with the youth fashion platform, founded by Anjana Reddy, Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd.
2015 – Invested Rs. 90 crore to partner with Franchise India to launch “Chisel”, which is a chain of gym and fitness centres aimed to have centres all over the country.
He has his own hotel “Nueva” in Delhi.
November’17 he inaugurated “Indian Sports honour” an initiative of honouring sportspersons from various fields.

Kohli has not even completed a 10-year cycle in international cricket, but he has earned the name “best batsman of all cricketing time period across all the three formats”!
He is called as the Run Machine, King Kohli, and Chasing Expert, and Aggression Captain.
Apart from on-field and off-field, Kohli has sculptured himself each day and every match of his life which was all his father’s dream.
Kohli used to do a batting at the age of three and ask his father to bowl him seeing the matches on TV. When he was nine years old the neighbour people suggested his father that Kohli should join in a professional cricket coaching centre seeing his talents in Gully Cricket. In 9th grade, he changed his school just for the sake of getting better sports practise in the new school. His father was the one who drove him to practice every day and was his biggest support.
Unfortunately, his father was passed away due to a brain stroke on 18 Dec’06.

His number 18 in his jersey is not his number but the memories and the dream of his father. Virat is superstitious and he has agreed that to the public.

In a 2006 Ranji Trophy match between Delhi and Karnataka (in Feroz Shah Kotla stadium), Delhi was under a very critical situation of 14-4 and Virat ended the day’s play on 40. The sad news came that his father Prem Kohli (54) passed away at 3 AM due to brain stroke after being bed-ridden for a month.
When he came back to play for the day his teammates were surprised and said he will be more needed at home, but he was much more needed in the match.
But he said he wanted to bat!
Before lunch, he was given out at 90, being played for 281 minutes and faced 238 balls. His play has already saved his team from trouble. But the replay showed that the bat had brushed the pad.
At around 12 PM, he watched the replay of his dismissal in the dressing room once and convinced that he was not out, shook his head, quietly removed his pads and told his teammates he was now heading back.
His teammates were sad he missed a ton and the opponent players praised his commitment towards his team.

This was the day when an 18-year-old boy transformed from a sports teenager into an aggressive machine.
He could have left the match and went to his home, but he didn’t go because he wanted to make his dad’s dream come true and make him proud of his play.
It’s not easy to control emotions and concentrate on a gameplay, but Virat beautifully played his game with at most dedication towards the goal of his father.
People may think he loved Cricket more than his dad, but his dad was the one who fed cricket into Virat by taking him to the coaching each day of his life.
His decision of playing the game for his team that day has made him the man today, who the country loves and who is an inspiration for millions all over the world. People call him the best chaser only because he chased the dreams of his father that day.
Virat’s mother said, he has completely changed after that day.

Indian cricket team has produced differently talented captains for our country in the different cricketing era. Each of them had their own captainship skills and added honour to the Country in their own styles.
When Dhoni retired from the test Kohli was made captain and he slammed every test match with his default aggression both as a batsman and captain.
When Dhoni opted out of captaincy completely, not only the Indian cricket fans but fans all over the world had a question, “Will Kohli takes the future Indian Team a step ahead of Dhoni “?
If Dhoni is called the best finisher in a match/innings. According to me, Kohli is the best finisher in a series/tournament.
Kohli has a bad habit of having a bad start of a series, but he closes the series by unleashing his maximum potential both in batting and captainship.

Interesting Facts about VK versus SL.

1) International Debut (ODI) Vs SL on 18th August’08.
2) International Debut Ton (ODI) Vs SL on 24th September’09.
3) 50th International Century (Test) VS SL 20th November’17.
4) Has the most number of ODI tons (8) against SL! And India won all these matches.
5) His 1st & 50th International Ton both happened in India’s largest #cricket ground “Eden Gardens, Kolkata” against SL.
6) First Indian captain to beat SL on their own soil, since 1993, securing the series (2-1) in “India Tour of Sri Lanka 2015”.
7) Virat captained Indian Test Team in “India Tour of Sri Lanka 2017” is India’s first whitewash away from home in a series of three Tests or more.
8) Kohli became the first Indian captain to tour-wash an opponent as India finished 3-0 in Tests, 5-0 in ODIs and 1-0 in the T20I in “India Tour of Sri Lanka 2017”.
9) Kohli’s 50th T20I match was against SL in SL. He got MOM & MOS for that match. He debuted as T20I captain against SL and India won the match. This is his first T20I MOM versus SL which is played in SL.
10) In the one-off T20I encounter against SL Kohli became the fastest batsman to reach the 15,000-mark run across all formats.
11) VK has five T20I MOS out of which two came against SL (2012, 2017) playing in SL.
12) Virat scored his first test ton (103*) while playing 3rd innings against SL in SL and remained not out.
13) Virat has scored two centuries (103*, 104*)while batting in 3rd innings and both were against SL and remained not out.
14) Most numbers of non-dismissals after scoring a ton (4) for Virat was while playing against SL. He has not been dismissed 11 times in total after making a century.
15) Played the most number of ODI against SL (46) & acquired most runs against SL (2186) playing 45 innings.
16) Playing as Indian Test Skipper he scored below 110 runs (105, 103*, 104*) three times after making a ton and this happened only against SL. He never scored in between 100 and 110 as Indian Test Skipper against other countries.
17) As a skipper, Kolhi’s three test tons vs SL resulted in one lost, one won and one draw.
18) Virat’s first World Cup final was against SL in 2007!


The first test match of India vs Sri Lanka in “SL tour of India’17” is one example of aggression Kohli that he is the best captain in the whole universe and the best batsman of all cricketing era. Only a number one test team can give a massive come back with the help of our aggressive captain’s gameplay.
His bold move of declaring has stunned the whole cricketing world. This is a fine example of how he trusts his teammates and how confident he is of winning the match for India.

Kohli didn’t have a great background nor he was from a family of cricketing stars.
But today he stands as an example of how to manage the business, sportsmanship, personal life and social works equally.
He has transformed from a normal sportsman to a supremely fit sportsman after knowing that only cricketing skills are not enough to play the game in the fields.
He is not focusing only on his game, but he is honouring other sportsperson and asking the youth of India to play all sports.
Kohli hears advise from Dhoni in matches which most captain will never do. He is having a healthy conversation with his coach in between the plays, asking decision and opinions from Ravi Sastri now.
There are lot more things to say about him and learn from him.

If DC Comics is making a separate universe for sports personalities, I’m sure Kohli will be chosen as the “Superman” where the symbol ‘S’ will represent “aggression” on Krypton in that comic version.

Every time when he comes to play I think of what record is he going to make or what record he is going to break.
But every time he comes to play he is carrying his father and his father’s dream on his shoulder as jersey number 18! 18th December 2006 was the date his father passed away when he was only 18 years old and that’s why he used to have number 18 in his jersey; car numbers; his VKF logo; his new brand One8 with Puma. He symbolically means he is nothing without his father!
Kohli is now a combination of talent, hard work, dedication, commitment, leadership, gentleman, philanthropist and all these are making his father’s dream come true in each and every act he does.