Sachin ’10’dulkar!

I was confused how to name this article. I thought to name as:-
I) “Man of Centuries”,
II) “Master Blaster”,
III) “GOD of Cricket”,
IV) “Cricket’s Greatest Batsman”,
V) “Little Master”,
VI) “Complete Batsman”,
VII) “Biggest Cricket Icon”,
VIII) “Most Prolific Run Maker”,
IX) “Maestro”, or
X) “Cricket Star”.

But I kept his name itself. Because I love him even before he achieved these nicknames. I bought a t-shirt with Sachin’s face in it, before the time of Superman, Batman tees started to trend. I loved him so much that I and my father decided to keep his name to my younger brother!

Even though ‘Hockey’ is the national game of India, people loved to watch and play Cricket more than any other sport. And, Sachin is one main reason who made many people all over the world to watch him play inside the crease! Rather than a rich and famous sportsman, he is a gentleman. The only celebrity without a single gossip in this modern era.

Sachin was only 16 years 205 days when he played his debut match against Pakistan in Karachi (15 Nov 1989). In this match, he wore the pads gifted by ‘Sunil Gavaskar‘. All his hard work, determination, struggle, dedication, and his passion towards the World Cup made him lift the World Cup in 2011 after 5 WC loss. We all have seen him bat, bowl, and throws the ball with right-hand, but he uses the left hand for righting! If I have a plan to write all his records and achievements. It’s impossible for me to describe all those mighty, staggering records in a single article. Instead, I wanted to express my love for this man, who is the God to billions of people all over the world!

In his 24 years of cricket career, he has made billions of people happy. Some of his international records are impossible to beat. It’s tough to score a single century. But this man has made a ton of centuries in international cricket! Cricketers all over the world have admired the way he used to bat. He was nightmares for many bowlers in his playing time. 90’s kids are lucky to witness the God’s play. As a ball boy in 1987’s WC semi-final between India and England to lifting it in 2011, he created lots of milestones in the cricketing world. None could have imagined that this short batsman would become the God to billions of people one day. He has shined brightly in all cricketing formats, not like others who can perform well in one format and performs partially in other formats.
In spite of being the best batsman ever, he used to take wickets in crucial times. He is the only cricketer to make 15000+ runs (18,426) and 150+ wickets (154) in ODI. He has not only made records individually. He made the second most ODI partnership off 331 runs with ‘Rahul the Wall‘ on 8 November 1999 against New Zealand at Hyderabad. The world record for a maximum number of runs is scored by the opening partnership is done by Sachin and ‘Ganguly Dada‘ duo. They have made 6,362 runs out of 129 matches with 22 fifty run partnerships. This includes 20-century partnerships for an opening pair, which is also a world record. And the record list goes on.

He also has the record for most stadiums played, played with most number opponents, blah. It’s not that easy, to sum up, all his records. But it was overwhelming for me to watch his massive performance in my childhood. I love to watch this sport mainly because of this one man. The man who has contributed his life and career for his own nation. He worked hard for more than 2 decades to make his nation proud. Everyone says he is God, but I see him as a human of pure dedication. His thirst for World Cup made him the best cricketer in the world. But without showing any hesitation, difficulty, sadness, the anxiety he bravely fought 5 times by putting his full effort to lift the ICC World Cup in his own City, in the ground which gave us the mighty legend “SACHIN“!

Maybe, this is the reason why WC skipped Sachin 5 times. But has traveled long, came to his own city, that too to the stadium where he started his cricketing carrier, to gift him his dream of holding the “World Cup Trophy” with his hands!