Lessons to be learnt from the movie “Vikram Vedha”


11 lessons to be learnt from the crime thriller movie “Vikram Vedha”.

1) What you do is always not right.
Killed Puli without knowing whether he is a criminal or not, but rewarded him as criminal, who is actually an innocent soul.

2) Don’t guess things without knowing what exactly happened.
Vikram guessed Simon was killed by Vedha because under Simon’s order the encounter took place where Puli was shot by him.

3) Don’t trust anyone who is with you.
Vedha and Vedha’s brother was targeted to be killed by Ravi. Simon was killed by his own cop brothers. Vikram too was about to be killed by his great cop mates.

4) Police are always not right. Criminals are not always wrong.

5) You can’t guess anyone by seeing their eyes.
Vikram didn’t believe when Vedha said Simon worked for Ravi. Vikram can’t find out his own team mates killed Simon.

6) Don’t see a thing from one point of view all the time.
Vikram had an imagination that Simon was killed by Chandra. But he never had a thought that even his cop friends could have done that for the sake of money.

7) Not everyone who helps you is true to you.
Vikram’s encounter team was helping him to accomplish the task of encountering Vedha. But Vikram never knew they wanted to do this task just for money.

8) A person can even act as if he is innocent just to make his job done.
The new member of the team acted as if he is innocent to Vikram. In the climax when Vikram asked him to give cover, he pulled off the innocent mask and aimed the gun at Vikram itself.

9) Business/work and friendship can’t co-exist peacefully.
Chetta ordered to kill Chandra because she tried to escape with his money. Ravi wanted to kill Vedha even while working for him.

10) Don’t relate your personal life with your work.
Priya never helped Vikram, when he asked, he wanted to know the place of Vedha. Profession can’t be compromised for personal things.

11) Criminal/Police have a human heart.
Vikram was keen to find Vedha and kill him in an encounter. If not in an encounter, he will escape. But, in the climax the great gangster Vedha helped the true police by saving his life. Vikram shot all his team mates in hands and legs so that they will be alive, but killed the unit head who turned all his friends to work for him.


Unknown facts about Baahubali!

On this same day, 10th of July 2015 Baahubali The Beginning was released. Here are some of the coincidence moments that took place in both the parts.

1) Both the film starts with Rajamatha Sivagami Devi’s voice because she is the only stronger person in this King’s family after the death of the King Dharmendra Baahubali and his wife.

2) In the first part, when Sivagami Devi holds Mahendra Baahubali, at the back we could see the sun was rising up and she named the baby as Amarendra Baahubali. In the second part, when she names the boy baby of Amarendra as Mahendra Baahubali, we could see the burning fire of the Kingdom in the back.
This symbolically means he is the next hope and leader of Magilmathi.

3) In first part when Amarendra Baahubali is born, her mother died giving birth to him and Sivagami Devi names the child as “Baahubali”.
In second part when Devasena gave birth to a boy child, her husband Amarendra Baahubali was killed and Sivagami Devi names as the child as “Mahendra Baahubali”.

4) Katappa was ordered to kill Amarendra by Sivagami Devi. But Katappa is the one who misunderstood the marriage invitation of Bhallala Deva for Baahubali. the second part would not have not the same plot we saw in the movie. Thus Katappa was not intentionally linked into Amarendra’s dead. But his wrong assumption made him kill Amarendra Baahubali.

5) When Avantika got an injury in her leg, Shivu says to her, “Avantika now you are mine. Hereafter everything that belongs to you also belongs to me.
The same dialogue Amarendra says to Devasena when he got a message from her mother to bring Devasena as a captive to Magilamadhi.

6) In the starting of the first part, Bhallala Deva’s father asks him, can we kill Sivagami Devi. But he interrupts him by saying you have drunk more than enough. But it was all acting in front of others. He too wanted to kill his mother for giving equal importance to Amarendra and had planned to make him the King of Magilmathi. Just like his father, he too is a mentally disordered person who bowed a bow at the back of his own mother. This act shows how cruel he is to kill his own mother and how coward he is hit a person from the back, and how afraid is he to kill a baby. Because he knows that if the baby is left alive, he may come alive one day and kill him and his father for killing Amamrendra Baahubali.
Just like his father, Prince badra too is a coward, who asked help to Katappa when Shivudu was beating him.

7) Bhallala Deva can never match the wisdom and power of Baahubali not even in a single aspect. He is more than a coward. Amarendra beat Kallakeya to death, but Bhallala Deva killed him from the back. Is attacking from the back sign of a good warrior?
He knows he is not capable of Baahubali that’s why he always get jealous of him and wanted to kill him. But he asked Katappa to kill Amarendra because it’s impossible for Bhallala Deva to go in a one onto one with Amarendra.
After Katappa stabbed Amarendra, Bhallala Deva made a proud walk came in the dark which symbolically means the rise of the dark.
He stabbed Amarendra in the chest with a hand axe after knowing that he is dead. This act defined him as the king of cowards.

8) Bhallala Deva has the same gene of his father Pingalathevar. Wanted to get the throne without having a kind heart and wanted only to obtain the throne.

9) Mahendra helped his mother by breaking a giant Lingam, lifted it single handed and played it under the waterfalls.
Amarendra helped his mother not get attacked by the ferocious elephant. So moved the Vinayagar Chariot to hit that elephant and thus her prayer did not get interrupted because of Amarendra’s intelligent plan.

10) Mahendra decapitated Prince Badra because he told bad about Devasena. His father killed the new Commander of Magilmadhi when he touched many women’s body and tried to touch his wife. So, Amarendra decapitated his head with his sword.

11) Amarendra runs over a sliding wooden support of a water dam to lock the
Like this Mahendra runs over a sliding wooden support to break the chain of the wooden door!

12) Amendra used fire to burn the Kalakeya army in the first part. He uses water to wash away Palangiyar army in the second part.

13) Mahendra Baahubali’s other name is Shivudu. When Amarenda was loving Devasena, he renamed his name as Shivu himself to hide the identity that he is Magilmathi’s Princess.

Interval Block:
1st part : – Bhallala Deva’s 100 feet golden statue is risen up. But people will be chanting Baahubali’s name.
2nd part :- Bhallala Deva was name as the King of Magilmathi. But people will be chanting “Baahubali”.

When Amarendra is about to die, he asks Katappa to take care of his mother. Even after knowing that his mother asked Katappa to kill him, he believed that there must be a strong reason in whatever the decision taken by mother Sivagami. He died without knowing that this all happened because of his brother Bhallala Deva. He didn’t even think of his wife and baby. He knows that his mother will take care of them well in his absence. Just like his thoughts, Sivagami Devi wanted to protect Devasena and her child. Since Devasena was suffering from the pain she can’t come with her. So now she wanted to save this new born child and starts to escape through hidden chamber pathway. But her own sun bows an arrow in her back.

The first part started with Shivudu searching for his dream girl Avantika. When Magailmathi warriors started to
Second part started with Shivu (Amarendra) acting as an innocent boy to make Devasena fall in love with her.

In the climax scene, Mahendra breaks Bhallala Deva’s vehicle, at that time he was jumping high in the air and Bhallala Deva was below him. This means Bhallala Deva is always lower to the powers of Mahendra.

At the end of the movie, Bhallala Deva golden statue head is drowned in water from Magilmathi, and falls down through the waterfall and breaks fully. This means even if he is a King who has all wealth he will be drowned into hell for committing crimes like killing his own mother, betrayed his younger brothers family by killing him, captured his wife as the prison, killing new born baby. While Devasena puts ignite the fire we could see that he has fully gone mentally ill like his father.
in the other hand, Amarendra Baahubali gave up his soul by sitting as a proud king. As he gave his words during the Oath of becoming a Commander of Magilmathi. I would give up my life for the welfare and goodness of my Magilmathi people. He died as a proud king and as a commander at the same time! He screamed Jai Magilmathi.

Disclaimer: – I myself linked the two epic movies and wrote some similarities.

Why I longed to visit Bombay from my childhood?

The political happening of a country can only make decisions on the development of that country. But the financial capital of a country helps to improve its economy. Some countries have their political and financial capital as one. In India, Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the financial capital, whereas New Delhi is the political capital.

We all know Mumbai is a metropolitan city, one of the important cities in Asia. It has the busiest airport in India next to Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai is the headquarters of Central Railways.
But these things never attracted me to visit the “City of Seven Islands“.
What made the big impact on my mind about Mumbai are:-

1) Since my father was working in petroleum refining plant out of India, he will be at home for one month and will go back to work the next month. In my third grade of primary schooling, I came to know about Bombay High. “Bombay High” is an offshore oilfield situated the coast of Mumbai, India. I showed him and said, see pa there is petroleum power plant inside India itself. Get a job here and stay with us.
I wondered does India produce petroleum.

2) From childhood, my father initiated me to read the ingredients, verify the expiry date, check the MRP, and to know about the product before I buy. Most of the products had their ‘headquarters’ in Bombay. Now I can see other metropolitan cities providing headquarters to many companies and two non-metro cities Gurgaon and Noida.
I imagined myself that Mumbai is a big city that’s why all companies have their HQ there!

3)As my father was working in the Middle East, he used to travel in flight. He will board from Trivandrum Airport because it was nearer to our hometown at that time. Most of the flight he used to travel will have a touchdown in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA). He said it is a big airport with much people travelling to the Middle East, South East Asia mainly. As he went to Bombay for an interview he told me about the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station too. He said there will always be much crowd waiting to catch the local electric train connecting to the Mumbai suburban area.
I wondered, why they kept the same name to Airport and Railway Station?

4) When I was entering higher secondary school. I witnessed the terrible 26/11 Mumbai terror attack which shook the whole world. Before this, I have heard about 1993 Bombay series bomb attack and have seen 9/11 attack in the news when I was a small boy. After this attack, I was looking for live footages, news channels when I was in the home and was discussing that in school. I read a lot of articles in net. Who has planned this inhuman act? Why are they killing innocent people? What is their motive? Then I came to know that the attack’s main motive is to crash down India’s economy. That’s why they choose Mumbai, that too targeting the main Mumbai City.
I questioned myself is this the reason they always attack Mumbai?

5) My father used to buy Auto car and Dalal Street Magazine. I used to read Auto car regularly. When asked him what is this another magazine about? He said it’s a trade analysis magazine. Dalal Street in Mumbai is the street where Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is situated. Then I got an eager to know what is the stock market? Human beings are traders from ancient time. Now with the improvement of technology, trading have started to happen online, helping people all over the world to access the market just by using an internet connection. BSE is Asia’s first stock exchange and India’s first, recognised by the Indian Government.
Waiting for the day to buy stocks in BSE.

6) The final and the foremost important thing I wanted to visit Mumbai is to witness the Pune-Mumbai Express Highway. Being an automobile freak I love driving. My first highway ride was in NH-7, now renamed as NH-44. I have admired after knowing about the Pune-Mumbai Express Highway, which is the 1st of its kind in India to have six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled expressway. This expressway has 5 tunnels, built by the ‘Konkan Railways‘, which is a subsidiary division of our “Indian Railways“.
I can’t wait to drive in this tremendous expressway very soon!

Since I had a lot of questions from my childhood and a lot more imaginations about Mumbai, it is the only city I longed to visit from my childhood.
As Bombay and Mumbai both have 6 letters. These are my 6 reasons to visit our India’s financial capital.

Life of a ‘searching ENGINEER’!

I don’t exactly know, whether it’s God’s grace or his curse to take up engineering in my life.

Most of the engineering students would have spent more time on searching things than studying engineering.

Hostel Searches:

“Ti-ti! Tic-tic! Tic-tic-tic! Tic-tic!” where I kept the alarm last night? Ah found it. Snooze it. Slept again! Suddenly got up and searching mobile to check the time. Oh crap, it’s 8.05 and class starts by 8.30! Where is my mobile charger? It’s almost drained.
Took the toothbrush and found paste is missing. Quick, find a paste. Looking out for a bathroom is the most difficult thing because the whole hostel will be there from 8.00 to 8.25. Wore all dress. Where is my ID card? No, not again, I remember that I kept it here in this place on my shelf. Where is the pair of my socks? Will anybody notice if I wear two different coloured socks? I can say it’s the new fashion trending. Now the comb is playing hide and seek with me, please show you my dear comb. If I don’t get your help now, people will think I have come to college without bathing, and all the struggle I have made in this 20 minutes would end up in vein. It’s time to find out the shortest route to reach the mess to have minimal breakfast. But the mess is closed already.

College Campus Searches:

It will be great if I get a company to go to class late. The staff has not yet come and I have entered class. Looking around for a place to sleep well or talk well without getting caught. I forgot where I placed my 6S (six subjects) notebook yesterday? Will it still remain in the place or someone has taken it? Yeah found it. Thank god, it’s safe. Oh no, I forgot to bring a pen. Wait there is a pen under the desk. Thank God again. Opened it and saw no cartridge. I hate you, God. You know no boys will bring a single pen properly to college and you need to find one who carries a stationary shop with her and of course makeup kit also!

Examination Searches:

Sleepless night to make all important questions into bits. After getting ready you will find the main bit is missing and you can’t use these bits without the main bit. Found the main bit and goes to the examination notice board. Widely opens your eyes to find your examination hall. When you walk towards your hall. Your mind asks you. Will I get a cornered seat so that I can easily write my exam with my last night’s hard word? Will I get caught today? You will hope for a good place and look into the seating arrangement notice paper. When you enter your hall, the invigilator asks, show me your hall ticket! You need to run as fast as Bolt to get back your hall within 10.30.

Project searches:

Find good partners. One should be skilled technically another one should do all computer related works from typing to printing including having a soft copy in Google drive and pen drive. Even though the team consists of brainy people, the required acquired output is very hard to obtain because we are not trained practically to do things, but was taught all unwanted theories which we will never ever use once in our lifetime. So we need to find a project centre but with less payment.

Placement Searches:

The most important part of an engineer’s life is getting placed in an IT company. Because Core Company needs experienced people or students who have done the innovative project with CGPA more than 9. Some get placed in the core and some get dual triple placement. Some more gets placed in IT. Many still ‘search for a job’.

I hope engineering should be named as “search-engineering”! Because we keep on searching things all four years and still search for a job even after searching a lot of things in our engineering life!
Some people after getting a job, search for peace of mind, stress-free work mainly who entered IT companies and many who undergo night shifts.

Let “peace” prevail to all engineering people with loads of happiness, which many lost in the name of joining an engineering college.

Did ‘Katappa’ really stabbed “Amarendra Baahubali”?

The long wait has now come to the end. Let us have a recap of what clues and hints they gave us about the most awaited and unanswered question for nearly two years.
“Why Katappa Killed Baahubali”? #WKKB.

We all have surely watched “Baahubali: The Beginning”. They portrayed the character of Katappa as Magilmathi’s Commander, whose job is to do things ordered by the King and their family member’s. He even told to Aslam Khan (Sudeep) that his previous generation has promised to be slaves of this Kingdom forever. They showed his character as a good heart human being who longs and his only wish for 25 years is to free Devasena being poisoned her by the King of Present Magilmathi, Bhallala Deva/Pallvalathevan.

Now the question should be asked “What made Katappa kill Baahubali”, or “Who ordered Katappa to kill Baahubali”?

Has Bhallala Deva ordered Katappa to kill Amarendra Baahubali to attain the throne? The chances are nil, that Bhallala Deva asks help to Katappa. Because he always hated him. In the first part when a traitor tries to commit suicide falling from a clip, Bhallala Deva would have never hold of the rope in which Amarendra Baahubali dived to catch that traitor. After seeing Katappa coming with the soldiers, Bhallala Deva murmurs in anger and because of Katappa his plan was spoiled. And in the Wild Bison tame scene, Bhallala Deva says to Katappa that, “Your inner thoughts wanted to kill me, but why are risking your own life to save my life”. This one scene is enough to prove how loyal is Katappa to the kingdom. If not Bhallala Deva, then who might have ordered him to kill Baahubali?

In the very starting of the first part, we have seen Sivagami Devi running with a bow in her back, blood all over her hands, legs and face but still carrying Mahendra Baahubali. Before she dies, she shouts loud to the God, “For all the sins I have made in my life, take my own life. But save this child. He should live to save his mother’s prison life. He should grow up and reach Magilmathi, and should become the King of Magilmathi Kingdom”. And in Baahubali 2 trailer she asks, “War within the Kingdom”? This may mean Bhallala Deva wanted to rule Magilmathi, but he needs to kill Amarendra Baahubali to become the King. So this must be the only inner battle which can happen in the kingdom. Sivagami Devi has always considered Baahubali as her own son. But, her feelings will always be heavier for her own Blood son. She knows Bhallala Deva can’t fight and win Amarendra Baahubali. So, she might have ordered Katappa to kill Amarendra Baahubali to save her own son from death. But, she faced her death because of her own son. Even while dying she was in anger that the Kingdom should be safeguarded soon by Mahendra Baahubali. I guess Sivagami Devi is touching the feet of Devasena and asking sorry for killing his husband in the trailor. Those hands with blood and golden bangles we have seen in the first part beginning.

Will Amarendra Baahubali will appear in this part?
There are more chances that he may come alive. In the trailer after Katappa stabbed him from behind, in another clip he was sitting with the support of the sword and Katappa kneeling down. And it looked like Katappa was explaining him the reason behind this inhuman cruel act. In the first part two scenes are made with a question will Amarendra Baahubali come alive?
1) When Bhallala Deva was talking to Devasena, he will say to her. We two are the only people who still think of Amarendra Baahubali. You wanted to see him at least one time before your death, and I wanted to kill him one more time with more vengeance.
2) When the golden state of Bhallala Deva has risen, people started to chant the name “Baahubali”. After this scene, Bijjaladeva will ask Bhallala Deva. What made our people chant his name? Has he came alive or they did because they are missing him? But, he answers to himself. No, it’s not possible he be alive anymore.
In additional, Devasena will tell to Katappa, “I believe I will see him and he is still alive” in another scene.
In the trailor, Amarendra Baahubali will tell to Katappa. When you are nearer me, no man has ever born to kill me. It means Amarendra Baahubali can’t be killed by anyone except Katappa and Katappa can’t kill Amarendra Baahubali because he is the one who treated Katappa as a human being and the Commander of Magilmathi and never saw him as the kingdom’s slave.

Trailer’s link with Baahubali The Beginning.

  • The white ‘Lingam’ came in first part when teenager Princess’ were performing pooja with Sivagami Devi, Amarendra Baahubali catches a scorpion which was moving towards Sivagami’s leg.
  • The mighty Amarendra Baahubali’s elephant is seen when the people started to chant “Baahubali” in the gold statue ceremony scene. This elephant makes a huge trumpet noise.
  • Amarendra Baahubali’s swrod is used by Mahendra Baahubali to kill the son of Bhallala Deva (Prince-Bhadra). Before this scene, Mahendra Baahubali broke the sword of Katappa. So katappa’s horse moves towards him so that he can use this sword for the fight. But, Mahendra Baahubali makes a front somersault and got hold of his father’s mighty sword where else Katappa got the sheath only.

In part 2 trailer itself, we have seen many different types of weapons used like bow and arrow, axe, 3 combo bow and arrow, sword. Since this is an 18+ movie, it is sure there will be more battling and fighting scene. Can’t wait to see the full movie!

Disclaimer: – This is a purely fictional story, linking the Baahubali part 1 and trailer of part 2.

Sachin ’10’dulkar!

I was confused how to name this article. I thought to name as:-
I) “Man of Centuries”,
II) “Master Blaster”,
III) “GOD of Cricket”,
IV) “Cricket’s Greatest Batsman”,
V) “Little Master”,
VI) “Complete Batsman”,
VII) “Biggest Cricket Icon”,
VIII) “Most Prolific Run Maker”,
IX) “Maestro”, or
X) “Cricket Star”.

But I kept his name itself. Because I love him even before he achieved these nicknames. I bought a t-shirt with Sachin’s face in it, before the time of Superman, Batman tees started to trend. I loved him so much that I and my father decided to keep his name to my younger brother!

Even though ‘Hockey’ is the national game of India, people loved to watch and play Cricket more than any other sport. And, Sachin is one main reason who made many people all over the world to watch him play inside the crease! Rather than a rich and famous sportsman, he is a gentleman. The only celebrity without a single gossip in this modern era.

Sachin was only 16 years 205 days when he played his debut match against Pakistan in Karachi (15 Nov 1989). In this match, he wore the pads gifted by ‘Sunil Gavaskar‘. All his hard work, determination, struggle, dedication, and his passion towards the World Cup made him lift the World Cup in 2011 after 5 WC loss. We all have seen him bat, bowl, and throws the ball with right-hand, but he uses the left hand for righting! If I have a plan to write all his records and achievements. It’s impossible for me to describe all those mighty, staggering records in a single article. Instead, I wanted to express my love for this man, who is the God to billions of people all over the world!

In his 24 years of cricket career, he has made billions of people happy. Some of his international records are impossible to beat. It’s tough to score a single century. But this man has made a ton of centuries in international cricket! Cricketers all over the world have admired the way he used to bat. He was nightmares for many bowlers in his playing time. 90’s kids are lucky to witness the God’s play. As a ball boy in 1987’s WC semi-final between India and England to lifting it in 2011, he created lots of milestones in the cricketing world. None could have imagined that this short batsman would become the God to billions of people one day. He has shined brightly in all cricketing formats, not like others who can perform well in one format and performs partially in other formats.
In spite of being the best batsman ever, he used to take wickets in crucial times. He is the only cricketer to make 15000+ runs (18,426) and 150+ wickets (154) in ODI. He has not only made records individually. He made the second most ODI partnership off 331 runs with ‘Rahul the Wall‘ on 8 November 1999 against New Zealand at Hyderabad. The world record for a maximum number of runs is scored by the opening partnership is done by Sachin and ‘Ganguly Dada‘ duo. They have made 6,362 runs out of 129 matches with 22 fifty run partnerships. This includes 20-century partnerships for an opening pair, which is also a world record. And the record list goes on.

He also has the record for most stadiums played, played with most number opponents, blah. It’s not that easy, to sum up, all his records. But it was overwhelming for me to watch his massive performance in my childhood. I love to watch this sport mainly because of this one man. The man who has contributed his life and career for his own nation. He worked hard for more than 2 decades to make his nation proud. Everyone says he is God, but I see him as a human of pure dedication. His thirst for World Cup made him the best cricketer in the world. But without showing any hesitation, difficulty, sadness, the anxiety he bravely fought 5 times by putting his full effort to lift the ICC World Cup in his own City, in the ground which gave us the mighty legend “SACHIN“!

Maybe, this is the reason why WC skipped Sachin 5 times. But has traveled long, came to his own city, that too to the stadium where he started his cricketing carrier, to gift him his dream of holding the “World Cup Trophy” with his hands!

I can’t stop loving you – Potato!

Potato – The most loved veggie all over the world.
‘Potato’ made foods are loved by most people irrespective of age.
A kid may say NO to vegetables but always says YES, when provided potato. Let it be ‘curry’, ‘gravy’, ‘fry’, or ‘chips’!

As a kid, the potato was my only vegetable love. My tongue never wanted to taste any other vegetable after tasting the heavenly foods made with potato.
In school days, more than half of the class had the same lunch as ‘curd rice with potato fry’. Hence proved, potato fries and curd rice makes the best pair. 😛
The first thing we would buy in school outing is always lay’s chips. We have complained the air inside those airtight pockets, but never the potato chips.
During college days the love for junk food started, then came the main hero, ‘French fries’. Happy to see its modified versions, changing its shape and name as – Wedges, Smileys, etc.
The love for potato is directly proportional to my whispering thoughts, “don’t eat potato, you will definitely become fatter”! 😦
The more my minds instructs me not to eat, the more I fall in love to eat them.
My latest potato addiction is “fat/tornado potato”.
If you’re a fitness freak, just eat boiled potato and no other recipes made with potato.

Eating potatoes can’t be stopped if you’re with your friends or family:-

  • Fast food is incomplete without ‘French fries‘.
  • A buffet is incomplete without ‘potato starters‘.
  • Beer party is incomplete without ‘potato chips‘.
  • Barbecue is incomplete without ‘grilled potato‘.
  • Thali meals are incomplete without ‘potato curry‘.
  • South Indian cuisine‘ is incomplete without ‘potato fry‘.
  • A wedding reception is incomplete without ‘potato fry, chips‘.

Apart from family or friends gathering, we eat potato at least one time a day.  When everyone is alone, we all wanted to have something in between our regular food times. Such as potato chips, potato stuffed snacks, fries, etc. This habit started when we used to finish half of the lunch food even before the break!

Main day-to-day usages of potato:-

  • Used in making ‘fries’.
  • Used as stuff in snacks
  • Used to make ‘chips/crisp’.
  • Used as curry/fry in meals.
  • Used to make ‘masala dosa’.
  • Used as gravy for roti items.
  • Used as a side dish for poori.

A “potato dish” a day, makes us gain fat the next day.
It’s hard for me to resist the dishes made with potato.
My parents should be proud that I’m addicted only to ‘Potatoes’!